Multi-disciplinary Team

Our team can make your blockchain project a reality.

  • Idea Validation
  • Token Creation & ICO
  • Wireframing
  • UX/UI Design
  • Backend/Frontend Implementation
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Our Services

Smart Contract & Dapps Development

Ready to disrupt an industry? We provide dedicated developers for your project from start to finish.

Digital Token Creation

Launching an ICO? Your token needs to be secure and ERC-20 compliant. We can be your tech team from token creation to MVP.

Blockchain Consulting

Need advice? We'll answer your questions and teach your team the best practices.

Full Stack Developers

We have 15+ years of programming experience including: Solidity, Python, Javascript, jQuery, C#.

Our Experts

enrique chavez
Enrique Chávez

Full Stack Developer with 15 Years Experience. Solidity, JS, jQuery JSON, Python, MySQL.

jaime sanchez
Jaime Sánchez

Former Leader of Microsoft’s Developer Community in Mexico, Microsoft Gold Partner, Entrepreneur.

Our Clients

It’s hard to find talented Solidity developers. Blockbliss has been there for us in every step – from token creation to the development of a fully functional MVP

Case Study

Chronologic is the first "proof of time" token, with applications in the finance, transportation, and service industries. Blockbliss was hired to consult and design the first smart contracts. The ICO raised $14M in 2017. 

Chronologic website

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